Zengcheng Stadium


Coop Himmelb(l)au & HSArchitects
2nd prize

Type: Sport Centre
Location: Zengcheng, Guangdong, PRC
Year: January 2013
Team(HSA): L. Filipovska, Dj. Kovacevic, Y. Zeng
Role: Layout Design & Development /
Presentation & Booklet Design

The new “5 hills sports park” will be an attractive recreation / culture / sport park in the new area of Zengcheng. The project consist of 4 hills that are part of the existing landscape, with a double 8 training track over them and the stadium, a visual “5th” hill. The Stadium acts as a functional and visual Attractor Point for all activities around the site and becomes a part of the daily life. The urban design acts as a strong impulse and creates a dynamic spatial relationship in between the existing infrastructure and the future city extension.


The project concept is a composition of an intelligent “sculptural Umbrella” and the ”Bowl” of the tribunes and field of the stadium. The design merges these two building parts and architectural languages into one new entity. The Umbrella is an environmentally formed sculptural roof that covers the tribunes of the stadium and provides partially covered semi public areas and open outdoor spaces outside the Bowl of the Tribunes. The new stadium is shaped by the dynamic forces of climate and internal functions. It’s state of the art design will become a distinctive and highly recognizable architectural icon for Zengcheng. (Coop Himmelb(l)au)