Wave Building

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Interdil d.o.o

Type: Residential Building
Location: Belgrade, RS
Year: June 2010
Status: Completed
 Team: M. Živković, L. Filipovska, S. Modli, M. Pavlović,
V. Veselinović, D. Popović
 Role: Layout Design & Development /Interior Design /
Roof Garden Design / 3D Modeler

Located in urban high-density core of Belgrade, Wave building is designed in a way that emphasizes the street ambient. By its high aesthetic value, careful envelope design and configuration, this building represents interpolation in the existing built fabric.The potential of this site is reflected in the fact that, although in the very center of Belgrade, this particular area has its own intimate peaceful ambient, which makes it partially isolated from city noise.


Wave building is a 6-floor mixed-use facility. The ground level, besides the entrance hall, has been designed as office space. The rest of the building is used as residential housing and contains 11 luxurious apartments, all different in structure (from 2-bedroom to 5-bedroom apartments on highest levels). Taking into consideration individual needs and diversity of future owners, every apartment is carefully designed as a unique unit, allowing greater choice. Building’s rooftop, located above the 6th floor penthouse, is created as an eco-friendly roof garden and represents a unique natural retreat for its residential inhabitants.