Vetmedic VIV Europe 2014

  • Artist Illustration

BASS-E & Olja Cerović

Type: Expo Booth Design
Client: Vetmedic (for VIV Europe 2014)
Location: Utrecht, NL
Year: March 2014
Status: Realised
Deliverables: Layout Design & Development / Material
Specification / 3D Modeling & Visualisations /
 Architectural Plans / Detailing

The design was guided by the idea of presenting a different, exhibition-like booth, the booth that would stick out from typical expo aesthetic. The solution is modular, flexible and durable. Entire exposition can be easily combined, depending on the needs of the client’s future expo attendances.


Starting with the client’s wishes and in accordance with the type of industry, the concept is defined in terms of ‘sterile / clean’ ‘and’ ‘natural / healthy’.

The materials, exhibit props, lighting, etc. are used to create a sense of trust with the visitor and to make an impression of high quality and professionalism. This impression is thus directly transferred to the company, as well as its products. Careful selection of materials and the introduction of greenery in the area, the desired effect is maximized and the user experience is complete. Space, and therefore the company and its products, are sending the desired message to its visitors.