Solarium FZ

  • Artist Illustrations


Type: Solarium
Client: Fitnesscentrum Zwanenburg
Location: Zwanenburg, NL
Year: August 2014
Status: Completed
Deliverables: Concept Design & Development / Material
Specification / 3D Modeling & Visualisations /
 Architectural Plans


As in a Locker Room FZ project, the Solarium FZ was designed to match the existing environment of the gym (industrial “raw” aesthetics of the gym, based on the concept of a “hard-working place”). The idea was to keep solarium in balance with the rest of the gym, while at the same time, being in a contrast with it. This was achieved by using white materials, clean uninterrupted surfaces, minimalistic shapes, which gives a solarium a dual role: contrast to a “black / industrial / grey” environment of a gym and a consistency in a current “minimalistic” aesthetics of the gym, creating a unity.


Signage plays equally important role (as in Locker Room FZ project), serving as an environmental graphics, that provides the information and as a design element that adds with its clarity to the impression of aesthetics of the Fitnesscentrum Zwanenburg.