REMMAR Business Center

  • Lobby - Artist Illustration


Type: Offices
Client: Elschot BV
Location: Breda, NL
Year: February/March 2016
Status: Concept design completed,
phase 1 in progress
Deliverables: Concept Design & Development / Layout
Design / Material & Furniture Specification
Graphics / 3D Modeling & Visualisations /
Architectural Plans

REMMAR Business Center acts as a business hub for different companies, various both in size as in service. In accordance with building’s concept, space was designed to serve variety of needs of its future renters. Offices offer several variations: desk+small meeting table, 2 desks, 3 desks etc – which can be seen in a layout.  All the partitions are designed modular with the possibility of assembly/disassembly. In this way, 2/3/4 connected offices can be easily transformed into 1. In order to keep the space as bright as possible, partitions between offices and hallway are designed to be out of glass.


In addition, signage has an important role in the aesthetics of the space. Office number graphics, acts as a wayfinding tool as much as a design tool that adds to an overall impression of the working environment. Basic furniture is  white, with the exception of “visitors” chairs in the offices. Each office is assigned one theme color, which together with random gradient carpet tiling, increases a level of playfulness in space. Lobby is designed as both reception zone and pantry. In addition, it also serves as a lunch break area for the renters. Considering it has dual function, lobby is experiences as a modern office semi-causal space, rather than a classic reception area.



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