Market Stall Design

  • Artist Illustration

Lidija Filipovska (BASS-E) & Ivan Simić

Type: Market Stall – Product Design Competition
Location: Belgrade, RS
Year: June 2010
Role: Team Leader / Product Design & Analysis /
Form Design & Research /Presentation Design /
3D Modeler

This concept, besides the basic idea of mobility, has joined the other key features of modern retail counter: flexibility and modularity. The basic unit of the counter consists of a main corpus and two lateral modules. These modules are connected to the link that enables them to rotate on a vertical axis.


There are four possible individual combinations. Those variations allow the seller to choose the one that suits his merchandise the most. Thus, each vendor in the market has the ability to directly affect working environment. Classical linear motion is “broken”, because the basic units are creating nonlinear communications, with heterogeneous dynamic structure. Market becomes “alive” (variable) spatial configuration. The buyer gets the chance to experience a different kind of market – interesting, dynamic and more open.