Marlboro VIP Area @Belgrade Manifest

  • Artist Illustration - VIP Terrace


Type: VIP terrace at open air festival
Client: Belgrade Manifest
Location: Belgrade, RS
Year: November 2015
Status: Concept design completed, phase 1 in process
Role: Concept Design & Development / Material
Specification / 3D Modeling & Visualisations

A concept is that, through its shape and choice of the materials, a whole area in fact acts as a branding space. Therefore, the form is defined to resemble Marlboro pack, with the materials matching the brand, depending on the type of pack Marlboro seasonally promotes. The levels are designed in accordance with the concept.


The entrance is on the side opposite the Heineken VIP area entrance, therefore, easily accessible for the visitors. Area consists of two levels. The first level is at 2m height, which gives users on that level excellent view towards the main music stage. It is primarily used for sitting as well standing, and hopefully dancing, and includes several different sitting arrangements – from lazy bags with coffee tables to bar stools at customized bar tables. From this lever visitors could use one of two sets of stair leading to an upper level (3m height) whose rear serves as a bar. This area is designed to be mostly a sitting area, with bar stools and tables.