Longjiang Mixed-Use Development


1st prize

Type: Shopping Mall & Residential Towers
Location: Foshan, Guangdong, PRC
Year: May 2013
Status: Under Construction
Team: A. Saadi, L. Filipovska, Dj. Kovacevic, Y. Zeng
 Role: Co-design / Form Design & Research / Layout
 Design / 3D Modeler / Sustainability Analyst

Located in a newly-planned Long Jiang City Centre, this site is planned to be an important retail area of the district. Therefore, it was a predefined condition to create a shopping mall as an attractor of the district’s part-time and full-time inhabitants.


In accordance Feng Shui, the concept was founded on the grounds of Wu Xing ( wŭ xíng), also known as the Five Elements. With this in mind, the shopping mall consists of four individual building segments, each representing one of the elements (wood, earth, metal, water) and central square as a fifth element (fire). Symbolically, central square is the heart of the development. As in Chinese doctrine, where these five elements represent cycles (seasons), the project incorporated fluid cyclic communication between its individual segments. In this way, users are carefully guided throughout the entire complex.


Each of these segments have different interior design, as well as the exterior lighting, according to which element they represent. The routes guide user inside the block, towards the central square.