Locker room FZ

  • Artist Illustration


Type: Gym locker room
Client: Fitnesscentrum Zwanenburg
Location: Zwanenburg, NL
Year: April 2015
Status: Phase 1 completed, phase 2 in process
Deliverables: Concept Design & Development / Material
Specification / 3D Modeling & Visualisations /
 Architectural Plans

Gym locker room was designed to serve as a changing room, with special showers area and sauna. The incentive was creating more spacious and comfortable area for the gym users. Previous space included oversized sauna and shower area, and changing area that has proven insufficient for the current amount of users. In the project, the sauna and shower area have been reduced to an optimal size and sauna has been relocated. In this way, additional space has been provided for the changing area. The locker room doesn’t have any natural lighting, so focus was to give users impression of “lightness”. This was achieved by using white, semi-transparent and reflective materials, which improve users’ overall spatial experience.


Aesthetics of the gym is based on the concept of a “hard-working place”, the structure is kept revealed, giving the industrial “raw” sensation. The same approach is used in the locker room, where all existing structure was left visible, transferring the same dynamics to all its areas. The signage used in a locker room has a dual role. It acts as a wayfinding, environmental graphics that provides the information and location of the areas to the users. At the same time, it serves as a design element that adds with its clarity to the impression of the working environment, which is the nurtured idea behind Fitnesscentrum Zwanenburg.