Heineken VIP Area @Belgrade Manifest

  • Artist Illustration - Heineken Terrace


Type: VIP terrace at open air festival
Client: Belgrade Manifest
Location: Belgrade, RS
Year: November 2015
Status: Concept design completed, phase 1 in process
 Role: Concept Design & Development / Material
 Specification / 3D Modeling & Visualisations

The lower level consists of two parts. First level is designed to be mainly transit, and it includes bar area and is used for causal networking and socializing. The transition between the two levels is designed as bleachers with two sets of staircases. Bleachers are used as a sitting area, where visitors can enjoy the view of the main music stage and concerts. The second part consists of a sitting area, with different types of seats, in order for visitors to have the most enjoyable and comfortable experience. Big Heineken equalizers at far end of this level, programmed to follow music, would contribute to an overall impression of VIP area. The same type of equalizers is forming the entrance gate of the Heineken VIP area on the first level. From the second level, visitors could proceed on the upper terrace, using a wooden staircase uphill. The climax of the content at the VIP terrace will be the watching of the Finals of the Champions League at the big flat screen, announced by the live performance of the UCL anthem by the most renowned “acapella” choir in Serbia (Viva Vox) and the magnificent firework before the kickoff.