FZ Extension


Type: Mixed-use
Client: Fitnesscentrum Zwanenburg
Location: Zwanenburg, NL
Year: July/August 2016
Status: Concept design completed,
phase 1 in progress
Deliverables: Concept Design & Development / Layout
Design / Material & Furniture Specification
Graphics / 3D Modeling & Visualisations /
Architectural Plans


Fitnesscentrum Zwanenburg Extension is a 3-storey extension of the existing sport centre.
The client’s requirement was to keep the existing structure intact and add a separate construction on top and sides of the current building to carry the extension itself. Considering the fact that the new construction would be placed externally and be visible, the concept was to use that characteristic and make it into an aesthetic advantage.


In this way, the steel columns and thin steel slabs added in-between are creating an effect of separate external continuous facade. In addition, this intervention also deepens an industrial feeling that current sport centre already has, making it both raw and polished at the same time.