Bo Ao Airport


2nd prize

Type:  Public Building
Location: Bo Ao, Hainan, PRC
Year: December 2012
 Team: A. Saadi, L. Filipovska, Dj. Kovacevic, Y. Zeng
 Role: Co-design / Form Design & Research / Landscape
Design / Layout Design /  Sustainability Analyst

Airports are gates to the cities.
The first encounter with the city one experiences is on its airport. Having that in mind, the initial question was: what is Hainan?

The strongest impression came from its nature. Hainan tropical environment is characterized by the beautiful blue water of the sea, green tropical trees, breeze. The concept aims to link the design to its surrounding. The main element of the design is the striking shape of the roof that takes inspiration from the tropical trees and its leaves.


The concept nurtures and reestablishes new relationship between man and nature, in a way that is not disturbing nature itself, but rather cherishing and respecting it. Palm-tree-on-the-wind shaped roof, tree-like columns, timber materials, water pools, all this is carefully established to embrace and welcome nature into development, rather than to invade it.

Re-use and care for nature is also visible in a choice of smart eco-friendly systems of natural ventilation, solar and rainwater collection, geothermal cooling. For one purpose only, taking care of the nature and its future.