Bedroom Redesign

  • Artist Illustration

BASS-E & Aleksandra Tosman

Type: Bedroom
Location: Italy
Year: February 2016
Status: Competition
Deliverables: Concept Design & Development / Material
Specification / 3D Modeling & Visualisations /
Architectural Plans

Smart, minimalistic and fun answer to the client’s interior request. In order to experience the bedroom more spacious than it currently is, the idea is:

1. Emphasis on WHITE – White color is the best space “opener”, meaning: walls, purlins, baseboard, window casing and door casing & panel are all painted white (wall & wood paint respectively). All the furniture is made out of bright materials: natural & white gloss topcoat painted plywood for wardrobe, sleeping & working area, white desk chair, light grey carpet.

2. Sleeping area on top of the wardrobe – Smart solution to fulfill all the client’s needs. Semi walk-in wardrobe, with hanging area, shelving system, storage space, and separate drawer units. Sleeping area is positioned on top of it, with a simple mattress. The rest of the slab is designed as a storage unit (with opening doors on top) , that serves at the same time as a “night stand”. This vertical zoning is highly optimized solution that allows better and more sufficient use of space.

3. Final touch – CHALKBOARD WALL – brings playfulness & fun in the room, the contrast to all the “whiteness” is making it more dynamic, while being very minimalistic at the same time. Moreover, leaves the option for the client to be an active participant in the room’s interior design.