Meihua Centre


2nd prize

Type: Shopping Mall & Office Tower
Location: Foshan, Guangdong, PRC
Year: November 2012
Team: A. Saadi, L. Filipovska, Dj. Kovacevic, Y. Zeng
Role: Form & Layout Design / Landscape Design /
Sustainability Analyst / Presentation Design

The site is located in the heart of the southern City of Foshan, the birth place of Kung FU, which has been a strong character that has defined this city.


The idea is based on the martial arts symbol (Yin Yan), which is represented by two elements joining together and forming perfect balance and stability. The volume of the tower is therefore divided in two interlocking elements strongly expressed in both volume and façade which gives the tower a unique form that will then be clad in two layers of glass and perforated aluminium panels, forming an exciting dynamic pattern.


Foshan is also famous for its paper cut art and the floating Podium will express this art through its skin façade, which will be clad in perforated aluminium panels representing Chinese paper cut drawings.