About - BASS-E is an architectural studio based in Breda, Netherlands, founded by Lidija Filipovska (2014), providing Architectural Consulting & Design services, as well as the 3D Modeling & Visualisations.

  • Open Market Stall
  • Pastorie_1F
  • Project Belgrade
  • Foshan New Town CBD

BASS-E believes that every place has the potential to become unique and thrilling. An intervention, no matter how small, should therefore always be inspired by the specific qualities of the situation and driven by an optimistic attitude.

With its designs,  BASS-E tries to contribute to a sustainable, inovative and socially responsible future.

Architecture is the interaction between man, place and time. The shaping of this interaction is what fascinates me.
Lidija Filipovska


Lidija Filipovska (born 1984) studied architecture at Belgrade Faculty od Architecture (grad. 2006 & 2008). While studying, her work for “Project Belgrade: tranzicion:ism” was exhibited on X Venice Biennale of Architecture. Since graduating Lidija worked in several companies in Belgrade, gaining a License Certificate in Architecture of Serbian Chamber of Engineers. In 2011, Lidija relocated to Guangzhou (China) to join one of the biggest chinese design companies, HSArchitects. Her work in China was awarded several times on international and local competitions (Guangdong Patent Examination Cooperation Centre, Meihua Centre, Zengcheng Stadium etc).

In 2013, she relocated to the Netherlands, where she founded BASS-E.


  • Experienced working with multinational teams and clients, both in occidentals and orientals
  • Working experience on variety of projects, different both in scale and type
  • Experienced in both European and Asian market
  • Competent in managing international design competitions
  • Skilled in creating conceptual solutions, project management, urban planning and design
  • Oct 2006 – June 2008: Master of Architecture, Belgrade University of Architecture
  • Oct 2003 – July 2006: Bachelor of Architecture, Belgrade University of Architecture
  • BASS-E, Breda, NL (Oct 2013 – Present) – Architect
    – Conceptual design
    – 3D modeling and visualizations
    – Exhibition / Booth design
    – Interior design
  • YCP, Belgrade, RS & Breda, NL (Sep 2013 – Present) – Concept Design Architect
    – Working on team advancement & presentation
    – Included in skill assessment
    – Participating in training and education
  • HSARCHITECTS, Guangzhou, PRC (May 2011 – July 2013) – Architect
    – Sustainability strategy development
    – International competitions
    – Master-planning
    – Landscape design
    – Facade and interior design
    – Graphic design (booklet, presentation sheets)
  • INTERDIL INVEST, Belgrade, RS (Nov 2008 – Apr 2011) – Architect
    – Conceptual solutions
    – Project design and development
    – Developing mixed-use project documentation
    – Facade and interior design
    – Urban planning and design
    – Site supervision
  • EPA CONSULTING, Belgrade, RS (Oct 2007 – Sept 2008) – Junior Architect
    – Urban planning and design
    – Residential projects design
    – Extension projects design
  • PROJECT BELGRADE, Belgrade, RS & Venice, IT (May 2006 – Nov 2006) – Concept Designer
    – Responsible for creating the team
    – Exhibition and project design
    – Relocation to Venice for the exhibition setting
    – Adjustment of the gallery space for exhibition










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Services - BASS-E provides high range of services, from concept development to construction drawings, following a project from creation to its completion.

  • FCZ - Solarium
  • Tower View 1_finaal
  • Tower View 2_finaal
  • Heuvel 21 - 1F
  • cover photo
  • Pastorie_1F
  • Oosterhout_2de kamer (beneden)
  • Pastorie-GF
  • wireframe 2 sq
  • wireframe 6 sq
  • wireframe 5 sq
  • wireframe 4 sq
  • wireframe 3 sq
what does concept development mean?

BASS-E develops concepts, in architecture, interior design, urban development.

This is probably one of the more important phases. This is where the intentions or goals are outlined, a process of defining what these project parameters are.  It is a discovery phase.

During the concept design stage, BASS-E will develop: the design concept, outline specifications, schedules, a planning strategy, the cost plan, procurement options, program and phasing strategy.

At the end of the stage, concept design report is created which defines basic design concepts for the preferred option that will then be fully developed into a detailed design stage.


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  • FCZ - Solarium
  • Tower View 1_finaal
  • Tower View 2_finaal
  • Heuvel 21 - 1F
  • cover photo
  • Pastorie_1F
  • Oosterhout_2de kamer (beneden)
  • Pastorie-GF
  • wireframe 2 sq
  • wireframe 6 sq
  • wireframe 5 sq
  • wireframe 4 sq
  • wireframe 3 sq
why choose 3D?

BASS-E provides high quality 3D architectural rendering and architectural modeling rendering services. The 3D model architecture images include a high level of detail concerning modeling, rendering, texturing and can also express light play i.e. the impact of sunlight / artificial light / shadows.


Using 3D solutions for interior design allow you to better visualize finishes and how people interact with spaces, lighting and flow. Once models are created in 3D, there are limitless possibilities which can add value to your marketing, advertising, and creative needs. 3D renderings present a visual representation of your project before it is completed. 3D solutions provides presentation platform that best represents your true-to-life design vision.


Whether you are a company requiring a freelance draughtsman or an individual needing plans drawn, drawing services can meet your needs with a professional service and produce a quality product.


Architectural plans are a set of construction or working drawings (sometimes still called blueprints) that define all the construction specifications of a residential house such as dimensions, materials, layouts, installation methods and techniques.

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